Happy Shoe Day

Fifteen years ago today. But it never gets old.


  1. The “soon to be classic ” that I like, is Biden shaking hangs with a the invisible man.

    1. Orrin Hatch removing the invisible eyeglasses was pretty good.

  2. There is an alternate more just universe where the shoe connects and has a sharpened 10”+ long spike heel with substantial weight and force behind it thst pins him to a cork board of war (domestic and class as well a foreign & guns) crimes thru his ears.

    Idk if he or we’d notice any difference in his cognitive abilities with a 10” sharpened steel spike thru W’s ears, but I digress?

    Bad as trump was (& is), for my formative years, it’s not even in the same galaxy for me of super evil as the W bush admin years that felt like they’d never end.

  3. ‘Who would you rather have a beer with?’

    Except he didn’t drink by then, so what good is he?

    I gather he has a really low resting heart rate and is a pretty accomplished jogger, so we probably won’t be rid of him, his impish hideous smirking face & incurious belligerent personality with daddy issues he tried to make up for by surrounding himself with some of the most evil/evil agenda people ever for some time?


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