Comedy gold with Mikey

Multnomah County D.A. Mikey Schmidt is engaging in some world-class funny business these days. He and some geniuses on Pill Hill are going to rip out the roots of crime

“On the prosecution side of things we try to send a clear message: ‘If you pick up a gun and you’re shooting. We’ll find you, you’ll be arrested and we’re going to hold you accountable,'” Schmidt said. “But we also recognize that a safer and healthier community can’t just be about reaction. We also have to be about prevention and getting upstream.”

And he's raking in the money to prosecute bias crimes: $700,000 for one prosecutor and one investigator, apparently. At least one type of crime is getting his attention.

Oh, and dragged kicking and screaming, he's now prosecuting almost as many shoplifters as they do in the suburbs.

The data indicates Multnomah County is now on par with prosecutors in other counties, such as Washington and Clackamas. Through October, the Washington County DA’s office prosecuted 94% of all Theft 2 and Theft 3 cases referred by police, while Clackamas County prosecuted 82% of its misdemeanor theft cases.

Last year, a KGW investigation found Multnomah County DA Mike Schmidt’s office had dismissed roughly half of all shoplifting cases at a time when Portland business owners complained retail crime had risen to new levels and shoplifting had become more frequent and brazen.  

Go get 'em, Mikey! And to think we'll have 10 more months to chuckle at his antics. I'm sure the vast majority of voters have made up their minds already. I know I sure have. This little experiment is over.


  1. I thought maybe I’d missed something after I first read the quote from Mikey. After the second reading I had the same feeling. He didn’t say anything. The sentence structure was fine. But, there was no worthwhile substance.
    I think it’s telling that the local media never asks for a follow up.

    1. He said that if you want to report a bias crime call the state Department of Justice, not his new investigator or prosecutor. Can't believe Jack missed that one!

    2. I was kind of distracted by the $700K for two people.

  2. Pathetic "progressive" District Attorney Mike Schmidt declined prosecution on the VAST majority of Antifa/"Black Lives Matter" rioters, looters and arsonists who beseiged and ruined downtown Portland.
    He has also refused to prosecute most homeless dope-addicted thieves, Honduran fentanyl dealers, public transit sex freaks, and black gang-bangers. Schmidt is a worthless man who refuses to do his job.


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