Classy and refined

One of the recommendations of the governor's task farce force on saving Portland was for all of us to go downtown for coffee or lunch every week. But it's been so long since most of us have gone down there, some may have forgotten how to dress.

Yesterday a story on KGW gave you some idea of the current trend in apparel. It's what they're calling Portland Casual.


  1. Body armor vest….check
    Guns you have a license or not….check

    1. Default dress code for Old Town after dark

  2. Are those shirts “Peach Fuzz”, the new Pantone Color of the Year?

  3. “Bodyworn cameras were the great policing reform coming after Michael Brown.

    But they’ve failed.

    The reason: Cops all around the country have ratf****ed them.”

    “How Police Have Undermined the Promise of Body Cameras”

    by Eric Umansky, with additional reporting by Umar Farooq
    Dec. 14, 5 a.m. EST

  4. Delivering Dutch Bros hugs?


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