Bad penny

Here's a Friday funny. Guess who wants to be in the new Portland City Council book club. He's the City Councilman who was so bad that the voters preferred the awful Chloe Eudaly.

Another hint: He's a genius. Just ask him.

Yep. That guy.

We never learn.


  1. The gnome returns…as you predicted.

    1. In retrospect, I almost wonder if Amanda Fritz turned out to be worse?

      There are so many reasons that are structural & chance that play a greater role than our now expanded amateur-hour city council (although Dan Ryan & mapps I can’t hate too much; so far?) sowing the seeds for a crack down.

      Jo-Ann w/the bull horn in the China shop & Gonzales the embodiment of the reactionary monied dad in the north outer neighborhood?

      Charlie Hales the feckless greed-head dipshit they slipped in there to really hose us down as extra punishment after we rejected Jim Francesconi & got Tom Potter, who didn’t promise a lot, but was better than expected & didn’t spook the police union and existing businesses more than the bad economy did toward the end of his tenure…

    2. And you didn't even make a passing mention of Sammy. Adams. Remember him?

  2. Let’s hope he comes up a little short.

  3. I wonder if he is rooting for Texas over UW? Hook'em Horns?

  4. Sadly, he’ll probably get elected. Sometimes Portland voters really disappoint me.

  5. As bad as Stevie was, he will probably be an improvement over the grifter word salad blowhards.


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