Where all the notes are blue

Musicians who come to Portland to play need to be warned in advance that they can never, ever leave their gear out of their sight, even for a few minutes. This duo just learned the hard way, having foolishly parked in a "Smart Park" facility downtown and left their stuff in the car.

Gone were Fraser’s violin and four bows, Haas’ cello, both of their suitcases and handwritten notes on sheet music for their next album.

A law firm I know near there has warned its employees not to park in that garage, if they know what's good for them. The out-of-towners didn't get that memo.

Meanwhile, a few days ago it was this dude and his band, who were ripped off out of the Jubitz parking lot.

List of items the band said were stolen:

    • Martin Nylon guitar model: 000C12-16E Nylon
    • 16″ Pearl Masters Floor Tom
    • 10″ Mountable Side Snare
    • Mono Drum Stick Bag
    • Pair of In Ear Headphones
    • Pioneer turn tables with case
    • Yamaha mixer
    • I rig pro recording interphase
    • In ear monitors
    • Roland hand sonic drum pad
    • Roland 808 drum pad
    • Martin nylon string
    • Maton EBG808
    • Blonde Fender Telecaster with Mary sharpied on the back
    • Martin acoustic
    • Takamine acoustic
    • Alclair In Ears in a leather case. Black glitter on front and red ear canals
    • Korg keytar
    • Reverend Bass
    • Amped Dirrect Box

The problem, of course, is not new. It's been happening around here for years. But it's gotten a lot worse lately.

I feel for these folks. It really behooves the venues they're working at, or the promoters of their gigs, to get in touch with them ahead of time and let them know what they're up against when they come here.


  1. “Certainly not the welcome we wanted coming into Portland,” he laughed, “but it doesn’t speak for the community as a whole. It’s *just a couple* bad people out there.” - if only it was "just a couple" - more like a couple thousand...

  2. Back in the early 70's Leo Kottke had his guitars stolen from his car very near to there. He mentioned it in his concerts for years after that.

  3. I am embarrassed, disgusted, sad and angry!
    And the Portland cops won’t do squat! which makes it worse!
    I am glad the cello got returned!

  4. “Hey buddy, I’ll trade you a nice cello for a handful of them Fentanyl tablets. I will even throw in a bow.”

  5. It’s bad, no denying it (& anyone that does is either blind, in denial or some combination of cynical or virtue signaling), but it’s nothing like Florida, Stockton, Bakersfield & the Bay Area was?

    Downtown SF has been a no-go for parking garages and crazies for 30+ years now, I don’t leave anything in the car remotely interesting…maaaaybe out by the beach in the sunset or Richmond well away from downtown in the sleepier less dense neighborhoods with good eyes on the street where the neighbors know eachother and there’s usually someone home 24/7?
    But even then, nothing remotely like music instruments or tools for >1hr daylight hours without people around? What are you, nuts?

    Not saying they deserved it (people say such things about rape victims too), but a little common sense here?

    For basically any major American city except the most fortress/valet secured & affluent, don’t leave anything in the car for any significant length of time, especially valuable tools &/or musical instruments!

    I saw a junkie out in Beaverton carrying a pretty decent looking guitar or viola case across 217 headed toward downtown…
    …either he just bought that orrr….
    …Beaverton is one of the more surprisingly seedy places; lots of meth & crime!

    Portland the riots did a number on the place and has more people I guess…
    …downtown is still in the spiral down, which makes it seem that much scarier not knowing how or when it’ll hit the bottom/fear or the unknown, it gets a lot more film and media coverage and is concentrated in one place.
    And the city council is kind of a clown show/amateur hour/who wants the job?

    But in hard #s, I also sort of doubt it’s *that* much worse than most other comparable sized cities, especially cities that were going through their periods if pretty nasty declines & transitions?


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