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A concerned reader alerted me over the weekend to a puzzling Twitter (X) tweet that appears to be a statement from the Oregon Food Bank on Thanksgiving Day.

I was unpleasantly surprised to read it. For years, I always thought of the Oregon Food Bank as a politics-free charity that you could give to without hearing a bunch of ideological noise. It's hard to argue with a desire to eradicate hunger.

But now I guess the Food Bank wants an argument. It seems to be getting sucked into the strident rhetoric of the arrogant Oregon nonprofit industrial complex, and feeling free to start dishing out lectures on colonialism to people who just want to help the poor put food on the table. No matter how you feel about our nation's dark past, this kind of preaching doesn't sound like a good fundraising strategy.

You have to wonder whether the organization's board of directors knows what is going on with the Twitter account, and whether they approve of it. Some of them are corporate and business people who should know better. 

It reminds me a little of what's happened to Sisters of the Road, the Old Town soup kitchen that used to come across as a selfless service organization but is now throwing hard-left slogans around on social media and even promoting fringe candidates for public office. If I ever thought of throwing them a few bucks, those days are over.

Maybe these organizations don't need private donations any more, After all, their unholy allies in the local government are bathing them in billions of tax dollars taken from working people, so that the executive directors' mortgages get paid on time every month, just like the City Hall bureaucrats'. Maybe there's enough gravy in the public trough that generous "folx" in the middle and on the right can take their annual donation check and shove it.

One wealthy friend of mine has stopped giving to social service nonprofits altogether. He takes that money and uses it to give gigantic tips to restaurant servers, Uber drivers, and delivery people. "At least they're out there trying to make a living for themselves and their families," he says. He's starting to sound about right to me.


  1. The Oregon Food Bank lost me when they contributed (donor-provided) funds to support one of the Portland tax initiatives last year. Fortunately, the initiative failed.

  2. I have read quite a few books about the early European settlers here in the US. From my recollection, the natives that befriended the settlers did so more for their own gain than anything else. Seems that they were looking for allies to help with wiping out their enemies.......which were other Indian tribes.

    I am quite sure that the people of Jamestown and Plymouth had no idea that a country filled with their eventual ancestors would number in the hundreds of millions. And would eventually reach to a distant shore that they were completely unaware of. It was every man (and folx) for themselves back then. Atrocities were the rule and not the exception.

    1. I don't think the natives were overly impressed with the pale, stunted, malnourished Pilgrims and Puritans as potential allies.

  3. Of course they don't like Thanksgiving. It leads off with the word "thanks" after all and that implies gratitude on someone's part.

    They probably aren't too keen on the "giving" bit either, because how can you really "give" something away unless you first owned it?

    Steer clear of charities that milk you for guilt.

  4. I have no respect for people who insist on “peeing in the whisky”.

    1. I see you are a proper Irishman.

    2. Grandpa was Scotch/Irish

  5. I don't know Jack, but maybe it's about time that you acknowledge your settler colonialist guilt. There are many BIPOC folx that would like to recover your/their property.

  6. Follow the money and it gets clicks?

    The NYT opinion page gets a ton of hate reads & has total slugs in that section as does the Wall Street journal, but it/all those people that suck & Iraq war boosting criminals and worse (Thomas Friedman, David Brooks, Bret Stevens, Ross Douthat) , but it gets clicks, right?

    Charity, or many and all kinds is kind of bullshit; but it’s what we got?
    I’d be more in favor of attracting talent, skilling & paying people?
    I see the tax free tipping anonymous strategy/ ‘the Good Samaritan remains anonymous.’

    Idk, I have less $ and pay less in tax these days & the charities spend approximately $19.99 of every $20 you give them on some combo the next $20 & to take up all the airtime on to have their hacks and flacks annoy you and everyone else, so the decision gets easier all the time?

  7. The Oregon Foodbank used to be focused on one mission, ending hunger in Oregon. Now that has evolved into ending all perceived injustice in society. While that is a noble goal, it has overtaken the reason the Foodbank was created and so lovingly supported by Oregonians of all political stripes for so many years. The change began when Susannah Morgan took over as CEO, and decided to use the position as her own personal political megaphone.

  8. The Marxist suggestion for changing society is insulting.

  9. Let's remember that this "non-political" entity was Tina Kotek's stomping ground. They've jammed in weasel words from the get go: they don't intend to "feed" people, they intend to "end hunger" - which of course is done by overthrowing the exploitative system that creates food imbalances in the first place: capitalism. Anyone going off about the "root cause" of any topic (and in this case, the root cause of hunger) is just blaming capitalism, patriarchy, white supremacy, and "the system." It's about as non-political as the IWW is just "merely" a workers union.

  10. ^ok, but anyone that has time to whine and complain about that is…
    …some kind of cuck for capitalism &/or getting paid lavishly by the Kochs/similar as a different breed of fail-kid to lay in the cut mcMegan McCardle or Randall O’Toole style (cited here frequently?)?

    Idk that the sopranos characters would be big fans of cancel culture or woke BS (Columbus Day episode being awesome!), but anyone that complains about or cares about that shit often does so to the exact extent that it either;
    -describes their exact same reactive mindset (but for opposite cultural signifiers I guess that are downstream from material conditions, regardless)?
    -whining about some other kind of welfare cheat that isn’t them or public servant laying in the cut instead of the columnist welfare circuit funded other ways?

    The charity/philanthropy model has pretty much always been a way to launder the reputations of the Bourgeoisie & network/hang around and suck up all the dollars rather than just distribute the actual thing.

    In some ways, i wish we had straight up Huey Longism over the new deal…
    …everyone’s 10th cousin at each govt. position for homegrown corruption scam is named Long, we all have ~3 no-show/no-work jobs each and stuff ‘falls off the back of trucks’ & we have illegal dog tracks etc?

    Can’t be worse than this?
    It’s so lame, no fun & annoying/scolding by these bloodless smug professional managerial ghouls & their buddies.

    Name one celebrity/well known figure who’s behaved badly who’s charities/foundations & glowing branding have been taken away?

  11. "Folx"? Must be a Millennial who wrote that.


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