"That'll keep him busy for a while"

Kevin Dahlgren, a smart guy who has been roaming Portland's devastated streets with a phone and posting on the internet videos of what he's found, has been indicted on charges of stealing stuff when he was as a homeless relief worker for the City of Gresham. I'm not surprised that the powers that be, especially D.A. Mikey, are coming after him with a vengeance. Dahlgren's been a real thorn in the side of the incompetents who have allowed Portland to sink into lawlessness and drug addiction hell.

Unless they throw him in jail and take away his phone, I suspect he'll continue posting about the humanitarian disaster alongside our roads and in our parks. Most of what he says about that is true – and more reliable than what's posted on the subject elsewhere. Way more reliable than what the bureaucrats and politicians will tell you.

If Dahlgren's guilty as charged, he deserves his punishment. But when his criminal case is done, somebody ought to give him a prize for journalism.


  1. Nobody has mentioned an accurate dollar amount. Sound like petty theft at best.

    Sometimes the serving help eats some of the food on the display table during the gala event.

    1. Nor have I seen mentioned what has been stolen. More victims have been identified but not yet located, KGW reported. Makes me wonder if he 'stole' drugs from homeless drug addicts to keep them from OD'ing. I trust neither the government nor the media.

  2. It's interesting that so few details have been reported of the alleged crimes.

  3. In other news: Crypto Boy gets nailed!


  4. Interesting that they couldn’t help themselves and blasted his mugshot everywhere, which is prohibited except in very limited cases in Oregon.

  5. It helps that he is white.

  6. Anybody getting really tired of these spoiled little brats who pretend to be elected officials, but are actually petulant little children throwing tantrums? They all need a real good spanking- although some of them probably enjoy that kind of thing.


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