Taxes, taxes every where, nor any cent to spend

Here's a remarkable story that shows you how dysfunctional the Multnomah County government is. The Deadly Deborah Memorial Tent Squatter Day Spa in downtown Portland is somehow running out of money. Given that area taxpayers are forking over $250 million a year in "homeless taxes," that's incredible. But Sophie, Child of the Weed, has the lowdown here.

In its first year of operation, the county had applied for Measure 110 funds, which flow through the Oregon Health Authority. The state did not grant the county that money, leaving the county bristling at the state’s decision-making process. In the current fiscal year, the county was able to fund the center from its general budget.

But costs for the center’s operations will have grown by next summer, when the next fiscal year begins; that’s because all of the center’s services will be available by then. The center includes a 19-bed residential program on the fourth floor and a 33-bed overnight shelter on the third floor.

County officials say next year’s funding gap is due to an “issue related to one-time-only funds from our partners at the state.” It’s unclear which state funds the county believes may be “unavailable” for the BHRC next year. But chief budget officer Christian Elkin told the Multnomah County Board of Commissioners at last week’s briefing that the jeopardized funds flow through the Oregon Health Authority.

But bless her, Lil' Sophie can't help but remind us all how wonderful the day spa is, despite all the mismanagement.

“The BHRC provides resources that previously didn’t exist for a population that desperately needs them. Since opening, the program has recorded more than 35,000 visits,” Yambra says. “That’s thousands of people who are accessing restrooms, getting a shower, eating a meal, or connecting with a peer counselor.”

Yes, and then they go right back outside and get high, nodding out on the street. While the "peer counselor" goes upstairs to get it on with a colleague. 

And besides, 35,000 visits doesn't mean thousands of people. It could be the same 117 people every day for 300 days. The joint's been open for 10 months.

But whatever – they're out of money. More leadership excellence from Chevy Vega, now joined by Mr. Moonlight, Jesse Beason. Maybe they're starving the facility for funds so that it can be shut down, but come to think of it, that can't be the case; it would make too much sense.


  1. Sometimes mismanagement is just a polite word to hide behind when you really would like to say deliberate financial corruption.

  2. Reads like the facility is no more than an enabling center for the perpetually expanding street/drug/crime lifestyle.
    It appears the county makes no attempt to (and has no method to) assesses the facility's value to the public that funds it. AKA- No one is responsible.
    Not for making anything work or evaluating if it does or doesn't.
    What's the point of knowing if no one has the responsibility of making anything work?

  3. The County asked the perpetrators to investigate themselves? Good luck with that.


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