Sticking his fork in a socket

Ha! Ha! I can't believe that Multnomah County's lightweight district attiorney, Mikey Schmidt, said this on social media today. And I quote!

No one should be left without a car- it’s a lifeline to school, work, and healthcare.

It was part of him bragging about actually prosecuting a car theft case every now and then. But it so, so directly contradicts the prevailing orthodoxy of the pouty Portland bike children and the City Hall "transportation" bureaucrats that cars are bad, and you can and should live without one.

Mikey campaigns kind of like how he prosecutes. I hope for his sake that his LinkedIn page is current. 


  1. Mikey can say almost anything. The Social Democrats will keep him in office.

  2. “We prosecuted a case, we prosecuted a case!” Congratulations Mikey, Edgar Hoover has nothing on you.

  3. Mikey obviously didn't clear this statement with the anti-car terrorists at PBOT.


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