State to Portland: Gimme a break

It's sad to see the Portland public school teachers on strike. The poor students. The days when you could get a decent education in that system have faded away to a distant memory. Just another handsome calling card that the Rose City can no longer show.

Even sadder is watching the school bureaucracy whine about money when they've got property taxes cranked up to 11 with bonds for platinum-plating all their high schools. But gee, there's no money to give the teachers the raise they want. You talk about twisted priorities.

At least the folks in the state legslature are wise to the school district's game. They quickly laughed off the board's bid for a bailout. Too much administrative fat, said the Salem solons. Ain't it the truth.

It's been quite a season for that kind of snub. Not long ago the governor pulled a cushy grant for homeless relief, several million dollars, from Multnomah County, because the county has no clue what it's doing in that arena. The money got redistributed to other counties, who seem to have put it promptly to good use.

Hmmm, the Portland school board and the Multnomah County commission, both poster children for bad management. What do they have in common?

Just sayin'.

Next thing you know, she may be running for Congress.


  1. In my youth ( which is admittedly a long time ago) journalists loved to challenge public officials when they did dumb things. Nowadays, the “journalists” seem to work at being friends with bureaucrats.
    I wonder what would happen if “journalists” started asking hard ball questions.

    1. My bad. I forgot that they’d have to do some homework before they formulated a question

  2. Portland has so deteriorated that anyone part of running anything is at best worthless and any replacements are certain to be even worse. That's where the city is. The most common denominator is they are ALL bottom of the barrel Democrats at every single position with the worst yet to come.
    A big part of the societal disability is the wholesale hatred of Republicans that has caused an acceptance of any sort of Democrat whatsoever. Nothing can or will be done about it for years to come.

    1. The last two sentences are the unspoken roots for the exodus. The riots and the pandemic are just easy topics for the media.

    2. A big part of the problem is the absolute idiocy that has taken over the Republican Party, making it impossible for them to nominate anyone halfway credible. I’d vote for a Gordon Smith any day of the week, but he’d never make it through a primary.

    3. Nominate? Were talking about every state and local controlling position held by the worst Democrats and no hope for improvement. One could throw a dart at a list of Portland & Oregon Republicans and hit names of people better for every position.
      That tedious excuse that there are no Republicans worthy is my point on how too may voters vote for the worst democrats no matter what. And will again.


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