Off we go into the wild red yonder

I see there's a Republican challenger for Val Hoyle's Congressional seat. She's a lawyer and an Air Force vet, from Eugene I think, and her name is Monique DeSpain.

Man, there's a name: Monique DeSpain. And she says she was a colonel!

She worked as an in-house lawyer at Evergreen Helicopter (Official Airline of the Shah of Iran™) about a decade ago. When she left, it wasn't amicable. There was a lawsuit. Does anybody know how that one came out?

Meanwhile, Hoyle, a former state labor commissioner, is flailing around in the muck created by the Democratic Party pot scandals in Salem. There's stuff on her phone she's not willing to let the investigators see. 

Hoyle may have a tougher time next year than she did in her rookie Congressional run down in DeFazioLand. It's stunning that the GOP got the new Oregon seat in SchraderLand; if they bounce Hoyle and keep Chavez-DeRemer, they'd have three out of six. But I wouldn't bet on it.


  1. Kotek isn't done collecting scalps and there are so many on offer.

  2. Ok, so one second of Googling showed she's employed here: ...Mannix...Mannix...why does that name sound familiar?

    1. That’s Kevin Mannix’s law firm. He’s a failed gop candiaite for Governor and other offices. Currently he’s a worthless state rep out of Keizer/North Salem


  4. It’s noteworthy that progressive activists put energy into investigating candidates that might be conservative.


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