MAGA '24 Reichs it up

Our much-indicted ex-President, Orange Caligula, has gone full-blown Nazi in his run to be reinstalled in the White House. He's stopped with the dog whistles and gone straight to the Hitleresque calls for violence. This week's outrage is his calling his critics "vermin" that must be "crushed." And some of them will be, if he's back in the White House with his Goebbels, that scary goon Stephen Miller, as the exterminator.

Then there are the mass deportations and concentration camps he wants for illegal immigrants. You don't have to be a history major to see where this is going.

Most of the time, campaign rhetoric is overheated, but when the left tells you that Donnie is a threat to democracy, they're telling you the sober truth. If America decides to go another round with him – and the rest of the Republican Party is scared to say otherwise – it's going to be the ugliest thing you've ever seen. And all the while, the media will normalize it because it brings them eyeballs to sell prescription drugs to. A frightening scene, to say the least.


  1. Democrats are conducting an election, while Republicans are openly planning a Putsch. I wonder who will end up on top.

  2. The progressive elite assert that democracy will continue to exist in their form of socialism. I don’t buy it. I see their vision as a continuous growth of the swamp.

  3. The orange Caligula is truly frightening and his apparent acceptance by people who should know better is astonishing!
    I am frightened…I guess is better prepare to die in a camp someplace.
    I’m old I won’t last long…
    But I sure am pissed off!


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