Lifetime learning

When I was in grammar school, the nuns taught us about Purgatory.

Now I just go to the Trader Joe's parking lot at 5:45 on a Tuesday afternoon.


  1. Is that the Hollywood location? Yeah, parking there can be brutal. We have one close to my house, and the parking lot is pretty massive. At least they usually get you out of there pretty fast. If it’s crowded......forget about it. I’m in and out as fast as I can.

  2. In my youth, I enjoyed eating at Dan and Louis Oyster Bar. My memory says it was at least once a month. It’s been decades since I was near that location. Decided to go there last week. While I was looking for a parking place, I was reminded of the lessons on purgatory.

  3. The parking lot is kind of a disaster at LO TJs to be fair?

    Idk, I don’t have kids and won’t burn daylight hours nor travel or leave the house thanksgiving Wednesday thru Friday?

    Always a laugh getting to the grocery store before 9pm ‘o yea, so that’s what they put out in the deli or pizza section.’

    Multnomah village desperately needs a grocery store that’s walkable on a transit hub. (Or better using its 4 bus lines?) with parking on the roof or something like the Hawthorne fred Meyer &/or the old public market with parking on the roof with that old 1940 aerial photo of harbor drive or the market/gardens before sport snd spectacle & the mac club and civic stadium was built in its place.

    Much as I dream of a world of row houses with service alleys and a passage between with the best of condo & detached house life without the worst parts of those things , (rail) turn tables, overhead shaded rail gantry cranes on sturdy walled back yards , rail freight on something like the Chicago L w/multi-story warehouses Factories with no (long distance or high speed) trucking industry &/or asphalt sprawl whatsoever in some comically absurdist rail foamer no tall buildings or monuments utopia, people are going to have cars for the time being, they’re just tool like any other, even if we were to better include their adverse effects in the cost & take as much of the planned obsolescence & fashionable consumption aspects out of their existence.

    Parking garages and impermeable giant surface lots aren’t sustainable, buildings you can park on the roof are low rise and expensive even if you can repurpose that roof for other things in ways that are difficult with parking Garages or that are a tax, surface water runoff and crime, walkability & heat island nightmare with sprawling surface lots…


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