Here are the Week 11 underdogs

We're at the halfway point of our charity pro football underdog game, and there's still plenty of game left to be played. Here are the choices (the underdogs, in caps) that our players have this week:

12.5  LAS VEGAS at Miami

11.5  TAMPA BAY at San Francisco

10.5  CAROLINA vs. Dallas

10  NEW YORK GIANTS at Washington

9.5  CHICAGO at Detroit

7  NEW YORK JETS at Buffalo

7  TENNESSEE at Jacksonville

4  ARIZONA at Houston

4  CINCINNATI at Baltimore  (Thursday, 5:15 p.m. PST)

4  PITTSBURGH at Cleveland

3  GREEN BAY vs. Los Angeles Chargers

3  PHILADELPHIA at Kansas City (Monday, pick still due Sunday 10:00 a.m. PST)

2  MINNESOTA at Denver

1  LOS ANGELES RAMS vs. Seattle

Some crunchy ones there, eh? Good luck, players.


  1. If I was y'all I'd go for the TB/Niners - Niners almost always have close games with NFC South teams...

    1. In our underdog game, the 'dog has to win outright. But yeah, 11½ is a lot of points.


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