Here are our players' Week 12 underdog picks

There's been a lot of food this weekend, and way too much football already, but a bunch of the Big Daddies are taking to the gridiron today for more action. The players in our charity underdog game have weighed in, and here's what they are saying this morning:

8.5  LAS VEGAS vs. Kansas City - VegasBaby5, Evil O, Annie B., SteveO

3.5  CHICAGO at Minnesota (Monday, pick still due Sunday, 10:00 a.m. PST) - Mojo, PdxTrojan

3.5  NEW YORK GIANTS vs. New England - Gordon, PDXileinOmaha, Howler

2.5  CLEVELAND at Denver - Bad Picker, JC

1.5  HOUSTON vs. Jacksonville - King of Kings

In previous action:

11  WASHINGTON at Dallas (Thursday, unsuccessful) - J-Dawg, Stephen F.

10  NEW YORK JETS vs. Miami (Friday, unsuccessful) - Natterjack Toad, Man Without a Plan

7.5  GREEN BAY at Detroit (Thursday, winner) - Meow, Shoeshine Boy. Linda

7  SEATTLE vs. San Francisco (Thursday, unsuccessful) - Kosar19, Oredogger, Dangerruss, andypdx, Air, Beakie

Nobody chose:

3.5  BUFFALO at Philadelphia

3.5  CAROLINA at Tennessee

3.5  LOS ANGELES CHARGERS vs. Baltimore

2.5  TAMPA BAY at Indianapolis

1  CINCINNATI vs. Pittsburgh

1  LOS ANGELES RAMS at Arizona

1  NEW ORLEANS at Atlanta

Our standings going into the week are here, with one update noted. Good luck to the soothsayers of the Sunday sport.

UPDATE, 1:10 p.m.; The Giants come through; Houston bounced one off the crossbar at the end, or they would have had a shot. Vegas and the Browns step up next.