Car haters' next target: right turn on red

I see that there's a movement afoot nationally to abolish the practice whereby motorists are permitted to make a right turn against a red light if the coast is clear. (In Oregon, you can even make a left on red from a two-way street onto a one-way street.) Of course, the entitled bike children are the ones making most of the noise. They've even gotten their way in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where right-on-red is now forbidden downtown.

Of course, Portland won't be out-bike-toyed, and you can expect the City Hall "Vision Zero" munchkins to be proposing such a prohibition here as well. But since we also have a Traffic Cop Zero program, even if they outlaw right-on-red, plenty of drivers will still do it, with impunity. Thus, the situation will be even more dangerous than it is now. But the bikeys will get their way, and driving will be become a little more miserable than it is now; that's all that matters.


  1. There is virtually no research showing that banning right turns on red will make streets significantly safer. There is lots of research showing that allowing right turns on red reduces congestion. The goal of this fad, along with so many others, is to increase congestion to force a few people out of their cars and punish the rest.

  2. Whatever happened to national uniform traffic rules?

  3. State’s rights disappeared unter FDR

  4. Right on red won’t matter in Portlandia as there are no traffic cops.
    Who will issue tickets? The clean and safe folks or those “park ranger/social workers” or maybe the parking enforcers?

  5. My guess is that the brilliant folks in the puzzle palace we call PBOT, in order to not be outdone, will just outlaw right turns.


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