A cup of coffee with the Greyhound

Walter Davis has died. Six-six, 193, out of North Carolina, he was one heck of a swingman for the Phoenix Suns. But some of us recall the half-season he was here in Portland, playing with the great lineup of Drexler, Porter, Kersey, Buck, and Duck. Danny Ainge was here at the time, too. It was the season in between two Portland trips to the NBA Finals. Walter was the oldest guy on the team.

I remember him and his lovely wife living in an apartment down in Lake Oswego, along the river. I had a couple of friends who lived in the same complex. I looked for Davis when I was down there to hang out, but I never did run into him.

I'm reading now that Walter had a drug problem, for which he was publicly castigated. In retrospect, it wasn't too ugly, but you hate to see such a talent putting himself in that position. Anyway, so long, Sweet D. You're remembered in a lot of places.