Yet another bunker

The Portland apartment weasels never rest. They are on an endless quest to find every poorly supervised pot of tax money and drain it.

Their latest host is Tri-Met, the agency that's supposed to run buses and trains. These days that agency has tons of time and payroll tax money to burn setting up deals for real estate developers. Their latest boondoggle is to build a housing project on the site of the Holywood Transit Center, across from the Trader Joe's and next to the failed Target. It will be "affordable housing," which is the new phrase for what used to be known as "the projects."

The mixed-use building will include more than 220 permanently affordable housing units, business and community-gathering spaces, bike parking and a courtyard.... TriMet is partnering with the developer BRIDGE Housing to build the affordable housing development between July 2024 and July 2026.... The hollywoodHUB project is a partnership between TriMet, BRIDGE Housing and resident services provider Hacienda CDC.

That area has been getting packed with soulless apartment bunkers for a couple of decades now. But rather than becoming "vibrant," the neighborhood has gotten pretty dangerous. Northeast Broadway in the low 40's is not a place you want to be walking around, or even driving your car, at night. Ask the people who listen to the police scanner; they'll tell you tales of recurring violent crime at those addresses.

Is adding another low-income housing bunker going to help or hurt the situation? That's unknown at this point, but what is known is that you and I are paying for it. Tri-Met's ridership is in the tank, but they're building apartments.


  1. Just think how many building opportunities there will be when the war hawks trigger a nuclear exchange. And at present everybody is a deranged war hawk.

  2. It’s a shame what the Hollywood district has become. I was driving through there a few months back and actually got lost, as I didn’t recognize anything anymore.

    And this coming from someone who had went to Grant, worked at Yaw’s and Poor Richard’s, and had frequented the area up until recently. I bet that the older homeowners there hate this crap.

    1. That district was a wonderful place in the 50’s and 60’s. But, the behavior of the young people changed. Probably a reflection of adult supervision.

    2. The hideous apartment buildings all look alike. And the car haters have chopped it up with road blocks. Not to mention all the tents with the violent and addicted occupants east of around 39th. You go to Rite Aid, Whole Foods, or Trader Joe's, you keep your head down, and you get out of there.

  3. Hollywood has become truly dismal. I've had dicey experiences walking around in broad daylight next to some of the existing public housing already there.


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