We've turned the corner!

Finally, some good news about addressing Portland's horrific drug addiction crisis: Some people in the state legislature have formed a committee!

“We’re here today because the current state of the drug crisis in Oregon is unacceptable… We are grappling with cheap deadly fentanyl that has hit our streets in the last sort of three or four years in a big, big way,” Senate Majority Leader and committee co-chair Kate Lieber said during her opening remarks.

Less than 20 minutes into the meeting, technical difficulties brought it to a crashing halt. There was a bit of a recess before things finally got back to the focus of the meetings, which was how to increase access to treatment and addiction prevention tactics.

Oh, happy day. The end to our troubles is near, I just know it.


  1. Talk is cheap and sadly the political hacks in the meetings think their activities are evidence that they’re looking for a solution.

  2. But ah, the Achilles' heel: a lack of diversity is sure to doom this project!


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