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This would be funny if it weren't so pitiful. All of a sudden the Multnomah County chair, Chevy Vega, has noticed there's a homelessness problem, and so she's declared an emergency and started issuing "executive orders."

The move includes the approval of emergency contract awards to speed up funding distribution after the board voted to allocate $50 million in unanticipated Supportive Housing Services revenue and $12 million in federal COVID-19 funds....

Vega Pederson announced she will also expand emergency housing and legal services to prevent evictions — including emergency rental assistance.

And of course, nothing this person does can be done without a blast from her word salad shooter:

“I’m using executive authority to drive action and change on the ground so we’re making sure our investments reach the people who need them the most right now,” Vega Pederson said. “I’ve directed each division to bring urgency to the contracting and distribution process, and proactively and productively clear hurdles to help providers reach the outcomes we know are possible.” 

God help us here in Multnomah County.


  1. Re her salad shooter: She's a poet, and don't know it!

  2. And what’s with that hair do? Do
    She and Sarah what’s her name traffic cone go to the same really bad punk hair salon? Does shaving 1/2 your head make you smarter?….I think not!

    1. It's what's under the 'do (or not) that worries me.

    2. Long as we're dwelling on haircuts she does look something like that knucklehead out in Tualatin, Superintendent Sue Reiki-Smith of Hazelwood Middle-school:

      I'm thinking that that haircut could function as kinda a genetic marker for unreflecting aggressive middle-management feministic fkwittery.

    3. Let's get off the topic of haircuts, shall we? As long as Sarah Yada Yada is running around in her most recent look, everyone else is normal by comparison.

  3. It’s sad that nobody on her staff notices the gibberish

  4. AI Chevy, but imparting the same confidence as the future reliability of a second hand Chevette.

  5. It's not a homeless problem- it's massive systemic, decades long theft that has led to crumbs to fight over.

  6. The disastrous rise of misplaced power...

  7. Everywhere and everything Portland is degrading. Woke is the broken left.
    "Spat on, beaten and subjected to slurs, Portlanders devastated their tormentors weren’t prosecuted"


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