Oregon drug enablers: Pack a windbreaker

Well, the people who pushed hard street drug decriminalization on Oregon are going through with their plan to take a sizable group of elected officials and bureaucrats on a fun-filled vacation to Portugal. Supposedly this is necessary for the politicians to see how wonderfully legalized addiction is going over there. I'm sure they won't be shown this part

Channel 12 in Portland dug into some of the details of this boondoggle the other day, and they called several of the junketeers up and made them say why they were going and who was paying their way, Their squirming is hysterical. And of course, there's a generous helping of word salad from You-Know-Who:

“I was invited by Health Justice Recovery Alliance’s Executive Director, Tera Hurst,” said Multnomah County Commission Chair Jessica Vega Pederson. “We’re in a drug crisis. We need to know how we can build the best possible response system and this trip is an opportunity to learn from an experienced community that has successfully reduced adult drug use and overdoses by building a system that doesn’t just incarcerate people. Portugal’s programs represent a more comprehensive and proven example of decriminalization.”

Anyway, here's the itinerary:

Oct. 29

Welcome reception

Oct. 30

Welcome with Dr. João Goulão, Director of Intervention Service for Addictive Behaviors and Addictions (SICAD), overview of the policy (reason and history of the policy)

Visit NGO Ares do Pinhal Programs - Taipas Treatment Centre, Harm reduction and Methadone Program

Oct. 31

Welcome Nádia Simões, Portuguese Ministry of Health’s Dissuasion Commission, overview of the inception and processes, Visit active session of the Dissuasion Commission.

Visit to the ONG In-Mouraria and Grupo De Ativistas Em Tratamentos (GAT)

Nov. 2

Meeting and Conversation with members of Parliament (Assembleia da República)

Meeting with Manuel Pereira Lucas and Conversation with Law Enforcement - Polícia Segurança Pública (PSP)

It looks like a pretty light work schedule, and they get all day Wednesday to screw around sightseeing, too. But they may be so tired from "finding" so many "facts" that they need to lie around the hotel that day, maybe get a massage.

Remember, this is not lobbying, and it's not a bribe! Honest. Everyone's being chaperoned by Measure 110 enthusiast Tera Hurst, whose credentials are... wait, I've got it written down here somewhere... her credentials are...  wait, one second... it says here that she was the "chief of staff" for former Portland Mayor Char-Lie Hales. Oh, that settles it. You couldn't get any more ethical than that.

The newsies at Channel 12 also capably tracked down an updated list of who's expected to be in the Oregon delegation. How many of these do you wish would stay in Portugal once they get there? It's also mildly comical that they start the list with two token Republicans (who really should know better):

    • Rep. Rob Nosse
    • Rep. Lily Morgan
    • Sen. Floyd Prozanski
    • Sen. Majority Leader Kate Lieber
    • Sgt. Aaron Schmautz, President, Portland Police Association
    • Detective Scotty Nowning, President, Salem Police Employee’s Union (SPEU)
    • Kimberly McCullough, Dept. of Justice
    • Channa Newell, Multnomah Co. District Attorney’s Office
    • Jessica Vega Pederson, Chair, Multnomah County Commission
    • Monta Knudson, CEO, Bridges to Change
    • Mark Harris, mental health/addictions counseling, education, and training expert
    • Shannon Olive, Founder & CEO, WomenFirst Transition & Referral Center
    • Mercedes Elizalde, Director of Advocacy, Latino Network
    • Janie Gullickson, Executive Director, Mental Health & Addiction Association of Oregon
    • Paul Solomon, Oregon Criminal Justice Commission. (The Criminal Justice Commission says Solomon is not going on the trip in his official capacity as Chair of the Criminal Justice Commission or as a representative of the agency.)
    • Fernando Peña, Executive Director, Northwest Instituto Latino
    • Andy Ko, Executive Director, Partnership for Safety & Justice
    • Morgan Godvin, drug policy researcher

I thought I'd do all these folks a favor and check the weather for them. Here's what the Weather Channel says about Lisbon next week:

Seems like you won't need your woollies, folks, but it does look a bit blustery. Take a jacket that stands up to wind and a few showers. Maybe one of those Columbia Sportswear numbers – you remember, the company that the street junkies chased out of Portland. But be sure it's water resistant. You may spill or cry on it while you're downing sangría in the fado joints.


  1. The carbon footprint of these folks is rather large. So much for “green” travel…
    Bags in the hotel hall by 6:30!

  2. The “hysterical struggling” was really a time delay to develop an insulting word salad that wouldn’t need an intelligent follow up by the reporter.

  3. The Junkie-ette begins...

  4. Prior to the vote on M110 we were told Oregon’s program mirrored that of Portugal. From reading Vega’s word salad one would be mistaken.

  5. The people promoting drug decriminalization (de facto legalization) are quite clever. They started by claiming marijuana was needed for medical reasons, like treating glaucoma, or nausea for AIDS patients. Then they moved on to asserting "addiction is a medical issue, and simple possession should not be a crime". Now Oregon Democrats have decrimalized (legalized) all dangerous drugs, including meth, fentanyl, crack, hash, psychedelic 'shrooms, heroin, and tranq. THAT is why downtown Portland is now a sad, boarded-up, graffiti-scarred dying shell of its former self, plagued by thieving dope-fiends stealing from cars, robbing stores, and assaulting citizens. Democrats voted for this.

  6. Rob Nosse is a Republican? I think that will be a surprise to him! Who knew?

    1. A progressive champion and forever union supporter.

    2. Rep. is short for Representative, not republican.

  7. Portugal is a wonderful country, and doesn't deserve this toxic export.


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