Mikey gets religion

I see that Portland's hideous district attorney is suddenly talking about law and order, a subject about which he has been utterly ignorant until now:

The first time he ran for office, Mikey couldn't lose. But now, with a year to go before voters decide whether to keep him, I'm sure his pollsters are pointing out to him that on his track record as D.A., he can't win. And so the flip-flops begin.

It's sweet of him to ask Salem for a change in the law, but as he's so amply proved over the last few years, it's a law that he won't enforce, no matter what it says. I can't wait until I don't have to look at him any more, or live in a city that he has anything to do with running.


  1. What's that old saying?

    My karma ran over my dogma.

  2. The Who said it best> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UDfAdHBtK_Q

    1. Or The What: https://dai.ly/x7vcdvc

  3. We assume that Mikey is funded well enough for the battle. I wonder if the talent on the campaign staff thinks this one will be easy. I see them loosing their confidence and digging for mud.

  4. Feckless DA Schmidt is feeling the heat. He has caused enormous harm to Multnomah County, most visible in drug-infested downtown Portland, where tent-dwelling junkie thieves run rampant, stealing & robbing everything in sight. Portland was today AGAIN at ambulance level zero, meaning there were ZERO ambulances available for you (or your loved ones) in case of a medical emergency, heart attack, stroke, fall, car accident, or being stabbed by a street maniac (like Ryan Carson). You dial 911 in Multnomah County, and you're told the response time will be 30 minutes or more. Why? All the ambulances were busy dealing with drug overdoses, homeless addicts beating & stabbing each other, pot-heads crashing their bicycles & Subarus while high, and gangbangers shooting one another in NE Portland. Schmidt's challenger (20-year career criminal prosecutor Nathan Vasquez) can only be an improvement. Send Vasquez some dollars, if you can. Vasquez is the underdog in this vitally important race. Portland depends on it.


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