I found this story out of eastern Oregon pretty intriguing: The entire city council, all seven members, resigned in Baker City. And so that municipality was without an elected government from September 27 to yesterday. It was up to the county (also named Baker) to put it back together, at least to the tune of four council members. The population in that city is only around 10,000 people.

But still, it got me thinking. What if the entire Portland City Council resigned? How would we get along without them for three weeks? Would things be better? Could they get much worse?


  1. At a minimum, the costs would decrease,,,

  2. I was in Baker City several times this summer, and it seemed to be doing great. Lots of new businesses, restaurants, etc... so maybe Portland or Multnomah County should give it a try! Couldn't be worse than what they are doing now.

  3. A state politician interested in healing the break between east and west could do worse than spending a couple weeks camped in Baker and Ontario and just listening. Driving through both cities last month, I was shocked at the amount of deferred highway maintenance.

    1. Well, build a highway system based on the assumption of infinite growth, don't be surprised when it collapses.

  4. Now that they are handing over running the city to manager, how about they get together two or three times a year and spend the rest of the time picking up trash and dog poop?


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