"Housing first": Fail after fail after fail

Multnomah County, led by the notorious Chevy Vega, is spending $14 million to get homeless people off the streets and other public property of Portland. So far they've housed 18 people.

Multnomah County’s program to rapidly house homeless individuals living in tents near downtown Portland fell far short of its goal, even after the county dramatically dialed back the initiative’s early plans.

Outreach workers managed to move just 18 people from a large encampment in Old Town into apartments between June and the first week of October, county officials told The Oregonian/OregonLive on Wednesday.

That’s fewer than 20% of the 100 people county officials said the Housing Multnomah Now initiative would successfully place over the four-month period – itself a pared-down target the county set after early iterations of the program faced setbacks....

County Chair Jessica Vega Pederson first unveiled the program in February, claiming it would place 300 people living unsheltered in Old Town and the Central Eastside into housing by the end of May. The county’s $14 million initiative guarantees landlords a year’s rent and access to a worker assigned to help mitigate any conflicts between a renter and landlord.

Let's see, $14 million, 18 people... that's $777,777.77 per person. Then again, nobody ever said the Vega got good mileage.


  1. To be fair that is over 4 months, so it is really only 194,000 per month per person.

  2. Had a conversation with a city employee that’s on the perimeter on this mess. After delivering the city position, the comment was personal. Take as many pictures as possible, make a collection of them and send the collection to Ted.

  3. “ access to a worker assigned to help mitigate any conflicts between a renter and landlord”

    Guessing that worker is not on call 24/7, which kind of makes this a dangerous proposition, at best, for any landlord.

  4. I once get a speeding ticket in a Vega- was rather proud of myself...

    Want to talk about bang for the buck, just think how much blood and treasure has been wasted in our oh so noble pursuit of "bringing democracy" to other countries.


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