Here are our players' Week 7 underdog picks

The college kids went at it yesterday, and now the old guys are lacing them up for another Sunday. You'll find the players in our charity pro football underdog game rooting as follows:

8.5  NEW ENGLAND vs. Buffalo - Beaver Believer, Stephen F., Oredogger, Natterjack Toad

8  ARIZONA at Seattle - JC, Vegasbaby5, SteveO

7  MINNESOTA vs. San Francisco (Monday, pick still due Sunday, 10:00 a.m. PDT) - Linda, Air, Gordon

5.5  LOS ANGELES CHARGERS at Kansas City - J-Dawg, Dangeruss, Man Without a Plan, Kosar19, Meow

3  DETROIT at Baltimore - PDXileinOmaha, King of Kings, Beakie, PdxTrojan, Shoeshine Boy, andypdx, Mojo

2  NEW YORK GIANTS vs. Washington - Bad Picker

2  MIAMI at Philadelphia - Annie B.

Nobody played these whelps:

3  CHICAGO vs. Las Vegas

3  PITTSBURGH at Los Angeles Rams

2.5  ATLANTA at Tampa Bay

1.5  INDIANAPOLIS vs. Cleveland

1  JACKSONVILLE at New Orleans (Thursday, winner)

1  DENVER vs. Green Bay

IMPORTANT NOTE: This post has been updated to show all picks for the week.

Our latest standings are here. May all our players' doggie dreams o' the week come true.