Season's greetings

It's that time again at Costco. They probably started a month ago, and I'm late to the game.


  1. I’m old enough to remember when Thanksgiving was a warm family gathering and Christmas wasn’t commercial.

    1. Nobody’s that old.

    2. I was fortunate enough to have parents who knew why there were gifts at Christmas.

  2. Christmas has become rote as the years fly by. What used to be my favorite holiday is now something that I dread. Once upon a time there was some magic there, and the trappings were something to look forward to.

    But after about age 35 or so it became almost unbearable, and seemed to me nothing more than a forced and joyless ritual. Along with the joyless exchanging of gifts, and none of the old Christmas spirit.

  3. And here I was a week ago, feeling irritated that neighbors were putting up Halloween crap in September! Before the Equinox even! Oy frickin' vey.


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