One-way street

An alert reader forwarded me an email message from the Multnomah County district attorney's re-election campaign. They were hitting the reader up for money.

It's to laugh. Yes, Mikey, we must take a stand against conservative megadonors buying the DA's Office! Instead, let's have the far left megadonors buy the DA's office. How much did you take from that George Soros guy last time? The New York Post says $320,000.

When the tighty righties start ranting about Soros, I usually change the channel. But in this case, it's a valid point, and Mikey brought it up.

I don't care if the opposition is being funded by Satan himself; Mikey has got to go. There are 469 days left in his term. Let's hope it's his one and only.


  1. I doubt Phil Knight even identifies as "Republican". I think he just feels the need to do something to stop the slow-motion train wreck that is Oregon.

    1. I think it’s active. I don’t think it’s slow motion.

  2. Hard to own the Trailblazers if people are getting mugged/shot/ripped off to and from the game.

  3. Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt's election opponent is Nathan Vasquez, a career prosecutor with over 20 years of experience. Vasquez has a very good trial record of convicting violent criminals (unlike Schmidt, who has NEVER personally prosecuted EVEN ONE violent crime trial). Vasquez is not a Republican, and boasts of his support for gay rights, hate crimes laws, and his prosecution of members of the Proud Boys, a right-leaning group. Schmidt's attempts to smear Vasquez as some kind of rightwing extremist is wrong and pathetic. No doubt Schmidt's next move will be to try to paint Vasquez as a racist, and/or trump up some bogus sexual harassment allegations against him.


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