Movin' on

Remember Danielle Outlaw? She was the police chief in Portland for a couple of years. It was the last time we had an even somewhat functional police department. She left for the bigger, and more diverse, scene in Philadelphia. That was three and a half years ago.

Today we get the news that her stint as the police commissioner in the City of Brotherly Love has come to a close. She's resigning and moving over to a deputy honcho job at the Port Authority in New York. Not a move up, I don't think.

Her time in Philly was bumpy, to say the least. But nobody in Portland, Oregon should be pointing that out, because dear Lord, just look at the mess Portland has made when it comes to law enforcement. We have no right to talk.


  1. She left Portland at a time when the unraveling became obvious.

  2. I hold her responsible for the decline. She was all politics.

  3. The question in my mind: did she lay the groundwork for the disaster we call PPB today, getting out right before the wheel flew off the axle careening the whole vehicle into the concrete divider, or did she merely have the good sense to GTFO while the getting was good and let all the bureaucrats and elected dimbulbs at City Hall finish screwing it up without her applying pressure to the brakes?


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