Measure 110 repeal gets organized

I see that there's now an actual ballot measure to repeal the worst aspects of Oregon's stunning drug decriminalization blunder, Measure 110. And, apparently, an organization to help get the measure passed. They're calling it the Coalition to Fix and Improve Ballot Measure 110.

Max Williams, a former state legislator from Tigard and an ex-state prison chief, is apparently going to be the face card. It seems like a good choice. He's also the former head of the Oregon Community Foundation.

Key provisions of the initiative include: 

    • Prohibits the use of hard drugs in public places.
    • Makes possession of lethal drugs like fentanyl, meth, and heroin a crime again.
    • Replaces voluntary with required addiction treatment.
    • Prioritizes diversion, treatment, and recovery over prosecution and jail.
    • Maintains cannabis taxes for expanded prevention, treatment, and recovery.
    • Strengthens program oversight and accountability. 
    • Strengthen penalties against drug dealing. 

The full initiative language is available at

About darn time. We want our cities back. Just tell me where to sign. 


  1. Unfortunately this is going to take way too long. Kotek needs to call a special session tomorrow to make these changes. Portland doesn’t have time for this measure

    1. I'm sure the intent is to force the issue. And yes, it can't wait 'til January, either. This should have been handled in the largely worthless session just concluded. Williams's ballot measure should be written up as a bill and passed immediately in a special session. Let Tera Hurst & Co. sue to their hearts' content.

    2. Best case scenario is they get 1000 signatures by Friday and are released to circulate by December. This would only happen if no one challenged the ballot title, but there are too many stakeholders in the consortium of M110 profiteers for that to happen. Ballot title challenges usually take 4 months to resolve. So maybe could be released in April (with 3 months to circulate). It's possible, they will need a lot of money to hire an army of circulators.

  2. They also need to start primarying some of the bobbleheads in the Legislature to hold their feet to the fire.

  3. We could probably clean up the streets quite nicely by imposing a 5 cent deposit on needles and syringes.

  4. If your legislature is crap, flush the toilet. Treat everybody as if they are the problem to make sure we have EQUITY baby.


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