Here are our players' Week 3 underdog picks

Football season is well under way, and so is our charity underdog game. Here is how our intrepid 'dognosticators see things going on the gridiron this week:

10.5  NEW Y0RK GIANTS at San Francisco (Thursday, unsuccessful) – andypdx

8  INDIANAPOLIS at Baltimore – Linda, Gordon

6.5  DENVER at Miami – J-Dawg, Air

6.5  WASHINGTON vs. Buffalo – Natterjack Toad, Man Without a Plan

5.5  CAROLINA at Seattle – Stephen F., Beakie

5.5  TAMPA BAY vs. Philadelphia (Monday, pick still due Sunday, 10:00 a.m. PDT) – Shoeshine Boy, JC

3.5  TENNESSEE at Cleveland – PDXileinOmaha, PdxTrojan, Bad Picker, Vegasbaby5, Meow, Howler, Annie B., Oredogger, SteveO, Mojo

3  ATLANTA at Detroit – Dangeruss

3  NEW YORK JETS vs. New England – King of Kings

2  NEW ORLEANS at Green Bay – Evil O, Kosar19

Nobody said:

13  CHICAGO at Kansas City

12  ARIZONA vs. Dallas

9.5  HOUSTON at Jacksonville

1.5  LOS ANGELES RAMS at Cincinnati (Monday, pick still due Sunday, 10:00 a.m. PDT)


1  LAS VEGAS vs. Pittsburgh

IMPORTANT NOTE: This post has been updated to note that it shows all the picks for the week. No additional plays were received before the deadline.

Our most recent standings are here, but note the update at the end of that post: Mojo picked up an additional 2 points Monday night.

We have 27 paid players, plus $30 in additional donations, and so at season's end, charities will take at least $570 – more if any additional dough rolls in. I'll get the exact prize amounts sorted out this week; the top three players will name the recipients in the end. As always, first place will be much more than second or third.

Good luck, players, and a fine Sunday to all!

UPDATE, 3:41 p.m.: Indy comes through for Linda and Gordon. No joy for the Titans bandwagon, or anyone else yet.