Here are our players' first underdog picks

The first week of our charity pro football underdog game is under way, with our players making the following fine selections:

10  HOUSTON at Baltimore – Man Without a Plan

7  ARIZONA at Washington – andypdx, Air

6.5  DETROIT at Kansas City (Thursday, winner!) – Shoeshine Boy, PdxTrojan, King of Kings, Mojo, Annie B.

6  TAMPA BAY at Minnesota – Oredogger

5  INDIANAPOLIS vs. Jacksonville – Vegasbaby5, Stephen F., Linda

4  LAS VEGAS at Denver – Natterjack Toad, Bad Picker

4  NEW ENGLAND vs. Philadelphia – Mad Dog, The Mortician

3.5  CAROLINA at Atlanta – SteveO, Kosar19

3.5  TENNESSEE at New Orleans – PDXileinOmaha

3  NEW YORK GIANTS vs. Dallas – Beaver Believer, Russ

2.5  CLEVELAND vs. Cincinnati – Evil O, Howler

2.5  PITTSBURGH vs. San Francisco – JC, Gordon

2.5  NEW YORK JETS vs. Buffalo (Monday, pick still due Sunday 10:00 a.m. PDT) – Meow

A special welcome to our new players!

As always, my game administration skills may be a little rusty here in Week 1. If anything above looks amiss, please let me know right away at

Nobody chose:

5  LOS ANGELES RAMS at Seattle

3  MIAMI at Los Angeles Chargers

1  GREEN BAY at Chicago

IMPORTANT NOTE: This list has been updated to show all picks for the week.

Good luck, players!

UPDATE, 4:35 p.m.: Tampa Bay, Vegas, and Cleveland come through for our players. And all three unwanted 'dogs win for no one. The New York night games are still on tap.