Farewell to the chief

Chuck Lovell is stepping down as the police chief in Portland. He will be replaced on an interim basis by Robert Day, a career Portland cop who is coming out of retirement.

I hope Day can do something to make the city's cops resume actually getting some results. Maybe ending their invisibility would be a start. When was the last time you saw a Portland police officer on patrol? Honestly, I never see one any more. Not even at Starbucks, where you used to be able to bet on catching two or three taking a breather.

It would also be nice if, every time something bad happened, Day didn't whine about how he doesn't have enough personnel. The Portland police budget is at an all-time high. Chuck Love could not make it work. Maybe someone else can. We had all better hope so.


  1. Love was brought in to help navigate a specific moment where things had broken down between the police and those they were sworn to protect and serve. The Iron Mustache himself jumped right out and declared him the right man for the right moment. Less than a month later he admitted he was wrong and started wondering openly what the hell had happened to the police bureau. Turns out they're a bunch of Hunzeker clones.

    A quick Google search of the new guy suggests he might be the man for the job. We'll see.

  2. The chief is really an administrator who has to ask permission to make significant changes. I wish the new chief well. But, I don’t see any improvement as long as his overseer’s are politicians.

  3. Good luck trying to get the wheels rolling again, especially if the DA wont do his job

  4. Enough with allowing failed Chiefs to stay on with the PPB in other, made-up positions, which is simply a patronage system to allow the Chiefs to maximize PERS benefits while keeping their mouths shut on what a train wreck the Bureau is under Low T Wheeler.

  5. I assume the new "permanent" chief will be under the thumb of the new city manager, who will be under the thumb of the mayor and trying to implement the craziness coming out of the new 12-person book club. Keep your realtor on speed dial.


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