Deadline is nigh for the Thurs-'dog

Hey, players and prospective players in our charity pro football underdog pool, the season starts this evening with the Lions doggin' it in Kansas City! If you want Detroit for 6½ points, your pick is due at by 5:20 p.m. sharp Pacific Time today.

Anyone can play the 'dogs with us this week for free; the modest entry fee isn't due until Wednesday. (All proceeds to charity.) Details on the game and the first week's lines are here. Many, probably most, players will be picking a game on Sunday, but tonight's 'dog is definitely an option. The object of the game is to pick an underdog that will win its game outright.

Shortly after kickoff this evening, I'll identify any of our players who have chosen Detroit for the week.

Meanwhile, if you need instructions on how to get your entry fee into the charity pool, email me at and I'll get them to you. Good luck, players and their charities!