We got a winner

Here's a Friday news dump for you: It was revealed yesterday that former Portland Commissioner Jo Ann With the Bullhorn Hardesty has agreed to settle her lawsuit against the City of Portland, alleging racially and politically motivated slander, for a mere $5,000. Also, Dud Wheeler signed a lovely note saying the city was sorry.

Okay, that's not much news, since when last I heard the once-and-future-commish was asking for only $1 in damages from the city anyway. Some real tough defense there from the city attorney, eh? Oh well, I know he's busy.

Hardesty's lawsuit against the police union and the cops who allegedly defamed her continues, however. Bullhorn has asked for $3 million from the Portland Police Association, $1 million from former association president Bad Boy Brian Hunzeker, and $1 million from another PoPo officer, Kerri Ottoman.

The trial of the claims against the other defendants is scheduled to start on September 28. They deserve a big old dinger if they did what I think they did.


  1. The slots at Ilani await...

  2. If the PPA and individual officer suits ever go to trial (an extremely iffy proposition), the PPA is going to eat her for lunch. The PPA is not only defending itself but also the two individual officers.

    Her continued lawsuits against the police should BAR her from holding municipal office in Portland...since she will have legislative dominion over police funding.

    1. I disagree, Officer. Somebody in the police ranks here sure seems guilty as hell. Their only out might be whether she had much of a reputation to damage. I'd put the over/under on the settlement at $1 million. That wouldn't be true if she had a weak case.

    2. I'm not a police officer...just an observer/prognosticator. The PPA lawyers are IN THE BUSINESS of making stuff like this go away. They're far better at it and have far more experience than anyone Hardesty can afford to hire...even on contingency.

      She may have a strong case but she's like drumpf...she doesn't take advice well. That, and the fact that she has a bad habit of shooting off her mouth (at inopportune times), gives the PPA a distinct advantage.

    3. If she has somebody like a Greg Kafoury, I'll bet she's going to collect quite well from your heroes.

      If it were up to me, there'd be no police unions. We don't allow military personnel to unionize, and the cops dig themselves as military-style outfits when the chips are down.

    4. Don’t know that Kafoury’s participation would make it a sure thing. However, having the print media in her pocket is a major advantage.

    5. "Heroes"? C'mon Jack...that's something Hardesty would say...

      Hardesty's attorneys of record in the suits are Matthew Ellis and Stephen Brischetto. See:


      I'm not a police officer. I don't idolize police. In fact, I agree with you that police should not be allowed to unionize.

      I do, however, derive great enjoyment at watching a 3rd rate, corrupt, backwater "politician" flail her arms at the world and scream "RACIST!" every time she draws a bad hand. I wonder how long it will take Hardesty to turn on Messrs Ellis and Brischetto? Care to start a pool? I'm in for $50 on the 24hrs spot...

    6. We'll see how she does. If I were representing the union, I would not take this to trial.

  3. Jo Ann’s trip to the “slots” is glossed over by her sycophants in the media. To me the serious issue is that she went alone.
    But, that analysis is above my skill level.


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