Thank you for your service

These boys are finally retiring today after at least 30 years on the job.


  1. Farewell thee trusted sock. You served your purpose well, but now it is time to retire to the great sock drawer in the sky. Some may say that you had many years of service left in you, but it is best to be remembered as the vibrant bit of woven cotton blend that you once were.

  2. Please expose your longevity secret. I’ve never had a pair last more than a year or two

    1. I always have so many socks that some get lost in the shuffle and don't get worn for years. Then they somehow make it to the top of the pile and get into regular rotation for a while. These guys were out of circulation for at least part of their 30 years or so.

    2. I think this can become a new meme for you like Stinky the rat.


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