Strike a pose, there's nothing to it

I see that our governor, T. Kohoutek, has decided to adopt a moderate look this week. First, she's organizing a "task force," led by a white male insurance company CEO no less, to straighten out Portland. Just what's needed, another committee. With subcommittees!

The task force’s first meeting will be on Aug. 22, and they will set to meet once a month through October and present recommendations at the Oregon Business Plan Leadership summit in December.

Can't wait.

Then she's revoked some of the sentence commutations foolishly doled out by her predecessor, Killer Kate, and asked that the prosecutors pick out a few more for her to revoke. I don't remember any governor ever doing any of that before. I didn't even know they could. Does that mean that the cons have to go back in the slammer?

Anyway, see, everybody? I, Tina, am a common-sense centrist (when the unions let me). None of the disaster on the streets is my fault. I'm working on it!


  1. The only use of force to clean up the mess on the streets is a task FORCE. The dumb it burns.

  2. That CEO heading the task force is the CEO of The Standard, which moved nearly all of its employees out of downtown. Odd flex.

    1. The Standard still owns a massive, mostly empty office building downtown so they are financially invested in its eventual recovery.

  3. A real woman of the people she is. You can tell that just by looking at her. Maybe she could even bring in Megan Rapinoe to help with police morale. Doesn’t she have ties to Portland?

  4. It’s a revolutionary idea to collect a group of activists to discuss an issue that requires rational thought.
    No pun intended.

  5. When I worked in an office and you went to a supervisor to address a problem the automatic response was, "Let's schedule a meeting." Which in officespeak meant Drop Dead.

  6. It’s sad that PR people have such a low opinion of the voter intellect


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