Here come the nitwits

The stories are starting to break about who'll be running for the dozen seats on the new Portland City Council. Under "rank-choice" voting, they may win with as little as 25 percent of the vote. And the news, as expected, is not good.

Here's the latest pair of would-be bobbleheads I've seen: one of the obnoxious ideologue 20-somethings from the charter commission – who used to be the "chief of staff" (how pretentious) to the hideous "right to rest" legislator from southeast Portland; and a former staffer to Jo Ann With the Bullhorn who's now making a buck at a nonprofit. As far as I can tell, neither one of them has ever had a real job in their life. Sophie of the Weed loves them both, of course.

So far I haven't seen a single City Council candidate who's going to make the dire situation in Portland better, rather than worse. It confirms what I've been saying since "charter reform" passed: It's going to set the city back by about a decade, at a time when it's already in the tank.

City manager? Good. District representation? Good. But only four districts? Bad. Threee members per district? Bad. "Rank-choice" voting? Really, really bad. And already, look who it's bringing out of the woodwork. Even old Jesse Cornett thinks he'll finally get his city paycheck.

Throw in the free campaign millions on the taxpayers' dime that Portland fritters away, and wow, you have the recipe for a real disaster.

I can't say it any better than one of the commenters on the Weed story, who goes by "OregonJive":

I'm so done with 20 something activist smart phone warriors and the middle aged "I have signs in my yard" people that listen to them.

Yes, but you'll soon be answering to them, more so than ever. Keep your realtor near.


  1. And the incompetent shall inherit the earth.

  2. The nitwits started gaining power when the fourth estate got lazy.

  3. This is gonna be so much fun.

    Have you got yours?

    I'm excited for Portland and hope the new political arrangements are on TV 24/7.

  4. I moved out of Portland (and MultCo) last year. I have a recurring order on Amazon for popcorn...

  5. The only hope is that these yammerheads spend their time passing resolutions condemning Donald Trump, sponsoring nuclear free zones, and travel bans to, well, just about any state other than California-- while the city manager is actually able to make some progress on the city itself. But, that presupposes that they are able to hire a competent city manager, which seems unlikely.

  6. With the exception of Sandeep Bali, everyone who's announced would be getting a substantial pay bump if they were on city council.

  7. I probably wouldn't suggest anyone who owns a single family home with any property in the city not to check out the map or you will see that your backyard is open for business. So much for single family use.

  8. Why do I have a strong feeling that the more members, the less representation since they all have the same talking points and nanny knows best attitudes?


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