Are we going to the 'dogs again?

In the cooler air that came to Portland's rescue last night, I caught a faint whiff of football. The pro football season starts on Thursday, September 7, less than three weeks away. I should have my head examined, but I am thinking of hosting the charity pro football underdog game again this season.

The basics are as follows: Each player donates $20 to a charity pool at the start of the season. Each week, each player chooses one underdog team to win its game outright. If the player's underdog wins, the player earns the number of points that the underdog was predicted to lose by. At the end of the long season, the players with the most points get to say which eligible charities get the money in the pool. The higher in the standings, the more dough the top players get to direct.

We've had fun with this in the past, and over the years charities have received thousands. Will we have a quorum this year? If you're interested, email me at the new game address, There's no obligation at this point; I'm just checking to see if it's worth pursuing. Tell your friends who think they know pro football!


  1. Photo brings back memories. My high school helmet didn’t have a face guard.


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