Who killed this woman?

Given the disturbing recent news about a series of murders of young women in the Portland area, at least four of which are connected, it's disheartening to read this story of another possible murder victim, a young woman who lived in Multnomah County (reportedly Portland), and law enforcement's alleged failure to pursue her case. According to the family's GoFundMe to pay for lawyer help:

Hannah Rose Walker, age 31, was found dead in a shallow, slow-moving creek near Trout Lake, WA on October 12, 2022, after a missing person’s report was called in by a man who was with her when she reportedly went downstream swimming and didn’t come back.....

All investigative records supposedly in existence from Klickitat County, where she died, and Multnomah County, OR, where she lived, demonstrate that virtually no investigation has been performed.

* Crime lab reports confirmed DNA from an unknown individual under both sets of her fingernails.

* Semen was detected via vaginal swab.

* Boot prints were photographed by police at the scene. (All reports indicate Hannah was barefooted and no shoes were recovered)

* No illegal drugs were found in her body.

The family was told that the delay in providing answers lay with a backlog at both the Medical Examiner’s Office and the Washington State Toxicology Lab, but records show those reports were completed in December.

Like a lot of what goes on just over the Columbia, this one has a bad feel to it already. The sheriff up in Trout Lake has a certain nut vibe to him. I hope the family gets justice.


  1. Songer is a real crazy nut of a Sheriff. He’s also almost 79 years old, and has exhibited signs of dementia. Can’t believe he won his last election (though it was very close, like by ~115 votes).

  2. Progressive’s really don’t like traditional values. Especially, from an old “has been”
    That said. This was screwed up by a boatload of incompetence and unless the state moves in, it’ll never be solved.


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