Revenge of the tuition payers

Wow, it actually happened. The president of Stanford University has been forced out of office amid findings about the questionable practices underlying his scholarly research before he became the chief suit at the Farm.

As I've chronicled here before, it wouldn't have happened without the tenacious pursuit of the story by the staff at the world-class student newspaper, the Stanford Daily. Good for them. Given the many, many scandalous messes that have come out of that school over the last few years, the Daily is about the only thing left down there that's still worthy of admiration.


  1. Did I read this correctly. He messed with data when publishing a lab report. And that “embarrassed” him enough to resign. Yet he’s allowed the stay on in the biology department.

  2. Tip of the iceberg in fake science papers. The money available to come to a predetermined conclusion has destroyed science research. Peer review is the new hush money.


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