Mamas, don't let your babies move to Portland

I've written before that Oregon is a place where young people are coming to die. Some are already heading down the tubes before they get here. Some take a bad turn once they get here.

Here's a tragic story of the latter sort, here in Portland.

Jade [Wlider] moved from a small town in Arizona to Portland four years ago. She had her own apartment and was a manager at her job, but that quickly changed.

“She was living downtown, basically Tent City, and she started to befriend some of the people downtown ... and I guess someone gave her her first blue pill,” [her mother, Shannon] Starr said, referring to the ubiquitous pale blue "M-30" fentanyl pills.

“My body just gave out on me and then I started using drugs,” Wilder explained when the KGW crew first met her a week ago....

“Portland sucked the life out of her, it really just ate her up. I'm just hoping it's not going to spit her out,” Starr said. 

The people who pushed Measure 110 don't care. Misery loves company. More choices at the support group pot luck, I guess.


  1. I suspect somebody has plans to buy Potland for 10 cents on the dollar.

    1. I hope they have some sane people to run the place.

    2. Given the faux-outrage "Protect my ambition" protests staged at City Haul yesterday by future 25%ers Robin Ye and Candace Avalos, they'll have to outsource the effort. There are no sane people in municipal/county government.

  2. Portland doesn’t understand that intervention is necessary to get an addict into treatment. Intervention doesn’t mean offering services or suggesting treatment while handing out needles. Actual prison time was the only intervention the government was able to impose. Now it’s all carrots and no sticks. It’s so naive

  3. I saw this woman on a news story huddled up with her stoned out boyfriend. Just so sad.


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