I hate Friday news dumps, and I certainly don't want to be guilty of one myself. So just a note that late Friday afternoon, I stumbled across a story about how crypto bro Sam Bankman-Fried's Oregon Democratic Party money crimes are about to be swept under the rug. My post on the subject is here.

Meanwhile, Sammy Boy seems to be outdoing Trump himself in allegedly trying to tamper with witnesses and influence the jury in his upcoming corruption trial. That stuff is discussed here. The sleaze is moving too fast for me to keep up with it.


  1. Decades ago, I remember reading about how the crime bosses in New York got away with illicit stuff and the local authorities didn’t do anything about it. Never thought that kind of corruption would come to Oregon.

  2. You must be new here.

    1. I was going to say. I moved here and it was going on then. There is a long and lurid history.

  3. The government sent a shot across SBF's bow several weeks ago, warning him about witness tampering. They didn't seek to revoke bail then. Looks like he's failed to make the most of his second chance. Let's see if they lock him up and where.

  4. Don't you think the guy was picked just for the last name? Bank man freed...


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