Did Wagner wag the dog?

I still can't make sense of the supposed mutiny in Russia. When it happened, Putie said it was going to be off with the heads of the traitorous Wagner mercenaries, but then he sat down with a large number of them and worked out a deal. First the story was that their leader, Yevgeny Prigozhin, was banished to Belarus, but then he was in St. Petersburg picking up some weapons. Meanwhile, the initial story was that the Wagner rank and file (if they can be called that) would all have to join the Russian regular army, but then that story changed to where they were all banished to Belarus, too.

Okay, I'm no military strategist, but having this lethal crew in Belarus, a Russian puppet nation, makes me more nervous than when they were duking it out in hostile Ukraine. Pardon my amateur consultation of the map:

Not only can Wagner bust Poland's chops from Belarus, but now it can rattle some sabers at the Lithuanians and the Latvians, too. Maybe we'll be calling it what it is pretty soon, World War III.

Would you be surprised if the Wagner rebellion was staged by Vlady and Yevgy for some advantage that we may or may not ever know? I wouldn't be. But then again, I have crazy theories about a lot of things.


  1. If this whole situation doesn't put some starch in your shorts I don't know what would

  2. All the broken promises to not expand NATO to Russia's border has brought us to this point. The West played with fire and now they are getting fire.

    1. Sounds an awful lot like a wife-beater’s excuse: “Look what you made me do!” Putin and catering to an autocrat’s delusions is what brought us here and yet still a sizable group of Americans is envious of said autocrat and wants to bring about such sound governance here.

    2. If fire is an increasingly weak and unstable Russia, led by a deeply unpopular autocrat, then, yeah, roaring blaze, baby.

    3. The first casualty of war is the truth as the comments here prove. Russia has almost destroyed the Ukraine army and most of the weapons sent there, but keep on buying the BS from the media.

  3. So the Russians can’t handle Ukraine with Wagner and the Russian military but now Wagner is going to break off and cause trouble for actual NATO countries? Yeah, no.


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