Danger zone

It's no secret that it's been a rough era for public safety in Portland. The last few days have shown how dangerous everyday living here can be.

A librarian at the library branch on Southeast Chavez in the Sunnyside neighborhood died Saturday night after a drunk driver plowed into her while she waited for the bus to go home from work to her two young children. An eywitness, a guy whom I happen to know and trust, complains that he called 911, but nobody answered.

It took 20 minutes for emergency services to arrive, Kanter said. He said his call to 911 wasn’t being answered, so he hung up to get help another way. A fire vehicle was passing by and stopped at the scene, and the firefighters called for assistance, Kanter said. Medical help arrived shortly after, followed by police.

“If she had survived the hit, which I really doubt, she would’ve had no chance,” Kanter said. “The lack of response is inexcusable.”

Meanwhile, the street takeover mobs were out in force in northeast Portland on both Saturday and Sunday nights. In addition to racing and shooting guns off indiscriminately – we heard gunfire here at quarter to three Monday morning – they took over and thoroughly looted a convenience store on Prescott Street. The owner called the cops, but they pointedly told him they would not be responding.

"They took all the beer out and ran to the other side and then they [came] to the cash register and bothered my cashier. [One of the looters] had a gun and said [to my cashier], 'If you stop me I will shoot you,'" said the owner of the targeted 7-Eleven, asked to remain anonymous for the safety of his family. 

He told KGW he called Portland police and told them about the looting, but was told they couldn’t do a thing. 

"[They said,] 'I can’t help you out because there is too [big of a] crowd outside, I can't do anything. If they [break] the vendor windows, then I’m coming, then the cops will come,'" the owner of the 7-Eleven told KGW, recalling the response to his call. "And I said, 'Oh, you guys will wait for someone to kill us and then you guys will come?' And they said, 'I’m sorry, I can’t help you,' and they hung up the phone."

The Mayor's office told KGW that Portland police are beefing up their traffic division again, post-pandemic, and have started performing stings at street takeovers, resulting in arrests.

Last year when the takeover dudes were at one of the same locations as one of this weekend's mob scenes, a person trying to take video of the goings-on on his phone was seriously beaten. No one was ever held accountable.

The stories go on. An innocent bystander was shot and seriously wounded at the Mississippi Street Fair in north Portland Saturday night. Another person was stabbed during the incident. Everyone ran for their lives and the event was called off early. No one has been arrested, of course.

This is a lack of basic Civilization 101, folks. In Portland, despite being taxed until we're black and blue, we don't have a functioning public safety system. It's appalling.


  1. They have great retirement benefits, though.

    1. How can you tell when they retire? They do nothing now.

    2. “Protect and serve” worked as an objective of law enforcement back in the days when civility was important.

  2. "'Protect and serve' worked as an objective of law enforcement back in the days when civility was important."

    "Protect and serve" is just "branding" now. The PPB doesn't protect anything except their own financial interests and the don't serve anyone...again except themselves.

  3. We have achieved failed state status.

  4. You reap what you sow. The "defund the police" movement, a planned and funded plan to further take down America, has done its job. Are we going to stand up and do something about it? Doubtful. I still see BLM signs after that group of grifters have made off with all the money and done NOTHING to help the black community.

    1. ‘further take down America’ lol
      Is or was the project ever really that worthwhile, anyway?
      There’s organize, industrialize & educate, toward hopefully a worthwhile goal?

      Never was all that good, the theme is still decline everywhere, america is declining slower as the unusual/unprecedented historical hegemon, but we’re not taking it so well, either?

      Lack of funding isn’t the problem.
      Relying on the police less & making them look bad enough when they don’t do their jobs or yanking their pensions will get results.

      In trashy tigard/unincorporated county just touching Portland my 75+ year old neighbor shot a dude with a rock salt @6am trying to steal his cat converter, said he’d never had an issue in 40 years. I think we’d get together and take matters into our ur own hands for better & worse /in some ways I do like I live on the most staunchly republican/libertarian block nearest to the city with luck of the draw no boomers nor millennials!

      Everyone’s almost 80 or 40-50 or a HS kid born just before the ‘08 crash…kinda nice/no rival competition/don’t have to be reminded in my face how much the two most populous generations suck & have the 3 least numerous generations represented well?

      Misery loves company, but hates resemblance & all that?

  5. We recently received a traffic citation, quote "In an effort to improve traffic safety and community livability...an automatic camera has issued us a citation. We were two weeks delinquent with a property tax payment for 2023 and a lien was placed on our home. Now two days ago someone with a Winebago just parked on our street and set up living quarters with a gas powered generator not 10 feet outside our home. It's loud. You think the city is going to bother that guy?

  6. Protect and Serve my Pension.


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