Traffic cops!

Last evening I had occasion to venture out west of town on the Sunset Highway. Between the tunnel and the top of the hill, lo and behold, there were police pulling drivers over for one reason or another. I assume it was the Portland police traffic division, back in action after years of nonexistence.

They were out there just before sunset, and still going at 10. There was a cop on a motorcycle as I went out, and an unmarked car as I was coming back in. Both were working the westbound side of the road. I doubt they were handing out free passes to the Rose Festival carnival rides.

It was a strange feeling as I slowed down to the speed limit + 7. I hadn't had to do that in Portland in a long, long while. It felt good. However trivial, it was sign that civilization eventually may return to this damaged city.


  1. Common sound, in early evening, on 26. Is the west bound lanes, from the tunnel to the Sylvan overpass, being used for motorcycles and sports cars at full throttle.

  2. What you bet, they were giving out warnings?

  3. I like to drive fast, I admit it, but in Portland it has gotten ridiculous. That is good news. The Washington County side has always had traffic patrols, good that it is both sides now.

  4. There should be some Interesting data gleaned from speeding tickets on west bound 26 by the zoo.


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