This could have been an email

It happens every year: The mailperson delivers a four-page 8½-by-11 color glossy flyer from the Portland water bureau. The only useful thing it actually tells us is that the city's annual water quality report can now be found on a website. 

That message could easily be conveyed on a cheap, plain postcard. But no. This is Portland, where there are more p.r. flacks on the public pad than there are cops. Here's half of it:

And the five-language bit is so perfectly Portland. Even if you're just off the boat, have we got a load of crap to sell you.

Whoever is getting paid to churn out this stuff needs to be laid off, yesterday. And whoever votes to fund this stuff needs to be voted out of office. At the moment, the water money pit is being run by the illustrious Mingus "Pull the Plug" Mapps. He's fitting in so well.

UPDATE, the next day: Oh boy, this one stirred up the trolls. A follow-up is here.


  1. It’s required by the EPA:

  2. Exactly. And the languages are simply a fact in Portland now.

    1. Interesting. Thought it was "email." Now, it's a postcard.

  3. What’s required can be done on a postcard. This is wasteful advertising bullshit.

  4. I think that you are objecting to the photograph of two blacck men in love.


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