That Putie coup was some cuckoo poo

And you thought you were having a wild weekend. For a while there, it looked like the world's most dangerous dictator was about to be overthrown by a guy who used to run the hot dog stand in St. Petersburg. Vlady made a speech to the effect that said guy, Yevgeny Prigozhin, would be crushed, but then Vlady split town, and next thing you know, the rebel leader was off the hook so long as he promised to move to Minsk and root for Aryna Sabalenka at Wimbledon.

It seems like Yevgie the Coup-meister has a polonium-and-jelly sandwich in his near future, wherever he goes. Hell, Putie will kill you anywhere you run, even Florida.

But I dunno, the whole thing was so strange, maybe it was fake. I could see the two of those birds doing a wag-the-dog bit to distract the locals from something else. But if so, there must have been a need for a big show, because Lord knows, that country ain't the same place it was a week ago.

You wonder what Putie's puppet, Orange Caligula, knows about it. Probably next to nothing. I hope he spent a couple of days sweating bullets through his spray paint.

Anyway, it was something. Now may be the time to get the T-shirt


  1. A group of stone cold killers are at odds about how to administer a war. What could go wrong?

  2. The notion that Russia is even remotely like Western democracies took a big hit. It's simply impossible to imagine huge private armies armed to the teeth driving up and down I-95 headed for DC. Wagner is/was hardly the only such army; Gazprom's got one, likely others as well. Crazy!


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