Penny wise

I see that the Oregon legislature, which was shut down for hours yesterday because its technology is so crummy, is insisting on going on the cheap when it comes to helping local governments cope with the threat of cyberattacks. This while we all wait anxiously to see what the hackers of the world are going to do with our data that the DMV let them steal.

I don't care what the folks at the Weed are telling you, the people making laws in Salem are none too bright. None of them.


  1. You'd think the main job of .gov is the keeping the nuts and bolts operating, instead of operating to remove your nuts...

  2. Through the years, I’ve been fortunate enough to meet people who had important public positions. It’s dawned on me, that all of those meetings were decades ago.
    It now appears that qualified people don’t want to get into what’s become a cesspool

  3. If the DMV was the private sector, there would be government-mandated mitigation -- free identity theft protection or what have you for everyone at risk -- for a year or two. But, since the DMV is the government, there is none of that. You can bet that every person who works for the State government -- professional and elected -- got something like this (probably part of their union contract. For the rest of us, it's "In this life, you're on your own." according to the State of Oregon. It's going to cost me $300 for a year of identity theft protection for my family of 4. Someone should sue the State over this. Hey! Wait a minute! You're a lawyer... Howzabout it @bojack?

  4. Are they making laws though? Seems like the Repugs keep going into hiding.


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