Oregon, showing the world what not to do

Pundits all over the country are recognizing Oregon as the poster child for what not to do about mental illness and drug addiction.

From the Wall Street Journal, we learn that Oregon is the third-worst state in the nation when it comes to inadequacy of facilities to deal with what used to be called the criminally insane. The Weed warms it over here.

Other states have tried different fixes. Some are building more state psychiatric beds, others are allowing patients to be restored to competency inside jails.

So far, Oregon policymakers have rejected both options.

The situation is infuriating prosecutors and judges, who say they’re left with no good options in cases where people with mental illness are accused of violent crimes.

Meanwhile, the Atlantic magazine has a new piece up about how decriminalizing hard street drugs is about the worst thing you can do to solve the raging addiction crisis. That essay's behind a paywall, but you get the piicture just from the headline and lead.


In a time of fentanyl and meth, we need to use law enforcement differently—and more often.

Oh, no. Not in the Beaver State. We're too deep into the lie known as "harm reduction." Clean needles and tents for all. And how about a nice new apartment to kill yourself in? It's our number 1 priority. An emergency!

I'm embarrassed, are you? But the politicians and bureaucrats here are immune to all that. On they roll, arrogant and ignorant as ever. 


  1. I’m angered to the extent of leaving. I also have to notice that the elected officials that perpetuated the idiocy of legal drugs were voted into office by the brilliant citizens of Oregon.

  2. When everything is open for question (critical theory), then absolute truth does not exist. Everything is a blur of gray, just like our skies most of the time. Oregon is the poster child for the complete breakdown of rational thought and a return to the fantasy world of 3 year olds.

    1. Nailed it!

    2. Oregon, and moreover Portland, has been fully absorbed by a twisted revenge of the nitwits. Where the knuckleheads take over and decide all things while pretending it's all some sort of enlightened & superior guidance. In truth it is all very stupid. Everything that comes out of these dolts is a mistake from failed observations and foolish response.

  3. I left a year ago. You sorry bastards.

  4. Good video of walking around junkie camps and downtown Portland with a guy that is trying to help but nobody is helping:



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