On shootings, Portland takes a U-turn

I see that as quickly and mysteriously as it appeared on the scene, the plan to install gunshot detection equipment around Portland has been tossed into the round file.

And just as quickly and mysteriously, the city has decided to pursue yet another approach to stopping gun violence. This time, it's called "Project Ceasefire" or some such p.r. fluff, and it includes "Cure Violence," which I think translates to handing out lots more millions to nonprofits who supposedly can talk young men out of joining gangs and killing each other.

At the helm of the new effort will be a California outfit calling itself the National Institute for Criminal Justice Reform. From its website, we gather:

NICJR partners with cities and agencies across the country to support efforts focused on reimagining public safety; placing community at the center and transforming policing. Utilizing the organization’s successful criminal justice reform model to Reduce–Improve–and Invest, NICJR is guiding newly formed police reform commission efforts in California, including the Oakland Reimagining Public Safety Task Force, the Fresno Commission on Police Reform, and the Berkeley Reimagining Public Safety Task Force to establish robust recommendations and implement a sustainable framework to reduce the footprint of law enforcement, significantly improve policing, and reinvest into communities and community based services and supports.

"Reduce the footprint of law enforcement"? Heaven help us, it sounds like Hardesty Time again. I thought we were past that.

There's no serious explanation being offered for the city's abrupt reversal of course. The way things run around here, you might think somebody outbribed somebody else. But no, that could never happen.


  1. For the recommendations of:

    1. Berkeley Reimagining Public Safety Task Force see https://dev.berkeleyca.gov/sites/default/files/2022-04/2022-04-21%20Item%201%20CMO-Pres.pdf

    2. Oakland Reimagining Public Safety Task Force see https://cao-94612.s3.amazonaws.com/documents/Oakland-RPSTF-Report-Final-4-29-21.pdf

    3. Fresno Commission on Police Reform see https://www.fresno-cpr.com/fresno-cpr-full-final-report

    This is DEI run amuck. Complete horseshit. This has got Carmen/Dan stamped all over it.

  2. The ability of non profit groups to easily milk the city treasury of Portland is really scary.

  3. From page 139 of the Oakland report: " In recent years a growing body of evidence has shown that formerly homeless people who are housed through “Housing First” programs are less likely to become involved in the criminal justice system or be hospitalized."

    Does this sound vaugely familiar?

  4. it's like arguing against traffic cameras. the technology is inherently non-biased, but bias is the only argument they have against it. Ergo, they make they argument, invoke the usual DEI shibboleths, and leave the affected populations to suffer living in a free-fire zone.

    1. The technology doesn't work. In the areas where it has been deployed, the number of false-positives out number the number of actual incidents by a factor of 100x. No worries though. The cops will use the false positive as probably cause to come in and crack skulls. As for the technology being unbiased, all I can say is LOL. The software is specifically designed and marketed as a tool to give cops probable cause for action, nothing else. It's certainly not designed to detect gunfire. That's the very definition of biased.

  5. Perhaps Potland should consider using a few parks as DSA's (Designated Shooting Areas) surrounded with 12 foot high bullet-berms where collect copper can later be sold to fund feeding the homeless.

  6. Lives will be saved. I'm certain of it.


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